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Alright, so this is from IMDb news:

The ABC network is planning a spin-off of its hit medical series Grey's Anatomy, featuring the character of Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, played by Kate Walsh. The show's creator, Shonda Rhimes, is preparing a two-hour episode Grey's Anatomy, set to air in May, that would serve as the pilot episode for the proposed spin-off. If the network approves, the show will be considered for spot on the schedule next autumn. An ABC spokeswoman confirmed the plans, but said the plot line for the spin-off was being kept under wraps and no title has been selected. Grey's Anatomy has remained hugely popular in the US ratings since its premiere in April 2005.

So, I'm excited about this because Kate Walsh with her own show would make me cream myself. I LOVE Addison. She's amazing and yes, I realize that last season I hated her guts, but in the past 6 months she had become the best character ever.

BUT. I'm not so excited because it sounds as though Kate's going to be off the show if the spin off isn't picked up. Like...maybe she's heading back to New York? And clearly, she's not getting the Chief position.

So I'm torn. Her own show might be awesome, but spin-offs rarely make it. And if she's off Grey's, who's going to go around kissing Karev in inappropriate locations?
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