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I finally forced myself to actually *do* homework around 8:45. It sucked. All of it. I finished about 15 minutes ago, then took a shower. Yay. Now I'm refreshed and stuff.

Tomorrow is picture day. Hmmm...what to wear? I don't know. I was considering my new blue sweater, but it's an actual sweater. Heavy and stuff. It's been cold lately, but not that cold.

I also have a chorus concert tomorrow night. I still don't know the harmonies really well to Star-Spangled Banner, and I keep singing "valleys" instead of "prairies" in God Bless America. I'm pretty good on our actual piece though, so that's good.

I have to find a short skirt to wear. I don't have one. All of mine are floor-length, but with the robes we wear, you can't have anything sticking out the bottom. Sometime between 6 and 7 tomorrow I think I have to go shopping and find one. That would give me plenty of time, except the search for a skirt is kinda tricky. Damn it. I can't believe I don't have any knee-length skirts, but I checked my closet and dresser each twice. This could be bad.

Oh! So my tests...Physics, I got a 91%. I honestly don't know how the hell I did it, but I'm not arguing. US History...after my really bad 22/30 scantron, I got a 30/35 on the essay and 35/35 for having my homework done. This averages out to an 87%. I don't know where the hell this came from either. Again, not complaining. Calculus. The biggest shocker of all. I got a 38/46. 83%. Solid B. *throws confetti* I think I'm in Europe. All my bad luck ended yesterday *knocks on wood and crosses fingers* I don't want to jinx this.

I think that's 'bout it. I'm getting a cold. Yuck. But I can deal with that. I just have to remember to take a sweater with me everywhere I go. I am usually really well adapt to temperature, and changes in heat or cold don't bother me. But when I'm sick, I can't do that. I was shaking today in english, I was so cold. Oh well. I can suck it up.

I think it's about time for bed. I have to be up in a little over 6 hours. Eww. Oh well. Good night all!

Oh, and Kino, babe, I hope you had a fantastic time at the concert. Did you happen to see Single? They were playing from 5:30 to 7:30 on the First Stage thing. Hee hee...they are pretty cool. Not as cool as the Matchbox guys, but ya know, that's hard to beat. :o)

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