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Another gem from my Amazon plog (which actually originated from the Leaky Cauldron)...

The New York Post has begun a blog called "The Quibbler" and had devoted it to all things Harry Potter from now until the release of Deathly Hallows (the 7th book for those of you who may be living under a rock...though if you're reading this journal, you certainly aren't).

Anyhoo...the first I've read has been:

Once you've heard roughly 3,000 Harry Potter theories, it's hard for any of them to stand out. They become a big mush of characters and plot developments muddling up your Potterey thoughts: Snape was good, Snape was bad, Snape was bad until he met Lily, Snape was only good for Lily, Snape would have been good if Lily hadn't died, Snape is good because Lily died, Snape was good but only when he was with Lily... get the idea.

So far, so good. Oh, the theories.

I think that's the thing I'll miss the most is theorizing. What happened in the past, what comes next, and what it all means. I'm sure there will still be questions unanswered, but the big ones will be wrapped up. And the epilogue will ruin many slash theories (though canon never really stopped us in the first place).

If you'd like to check out the Quibbler for yourselves, the web address is:

Spoilers are eminent. Beware.
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