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I just died!!!!

And went to "gay fantasies" heaven!

Dominic Monaghan was on Ellen today and they were talking about David Beckham and, I kid you not, he said the following (and I had it on TiVo, so I rewatched it like 17 times to get the wording exact)...

Dom: But he's a great player and a gorgeous guy, and if I was gonna kiss a bloke...
Ellen: It'd be him?
Dom: It would probably be David Beckham.
Ellen: I don't blame you.
Dom: Or Eddie Izzard. Oh, I love Eddie Izzard.
Ellen: Oh, I love Eddie Izzard too.
Dom: Has he been on the show? Have you yet?
Ellen: He has not, and I love Eddie Izzard.
Dom: You should get David Beckham and Eddie Izzard to make out on your show.
Ellen: We'll wait for sweeps.
Dom: Boost the ratings.

Oh Dom...the things you won't say. Beckham and Eddie Izzard making out? If it weren't rumored (and implied during the interview) that you were dating Evangeline Lilly, I would be very suspicious.

But seriously? Beckham and Izzard action? I approve. I'd also get in on that.

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