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I don't care what everybody says, I really like "The Class."

I'd rather see "Two and a Half Men" cancelled, than "How I Met Your Mother," "The New Adventures of Old Christine," or "The Class." (CBS's Monday night line-up for those who aren't familiar.)

I don't know if they are planning on canceling any of them, but they seem to be making room for "Rules of Engagement" though right now, it's the weakest link of the five.

But anyway, I think it's hilarious.

Highlights from tonight's episode ("The Class Has a Snow Day"):

(After Kat has been dumped)
Kyle: Well, if it makes you feel any better, my boyfriend's in Chile, so we're kind of in the same boat.
Kat: Really? Is your boyfriend coming back?
Kyle: Yeah.
Kat: Does he think you're a deranged stalker?
Kyle: No.
Kat: Get the hell out of my boat.

Perry (flamingly gay): When life hands you lemons, make chicken piccata!

(Ethan's girlfriend arrives in the middle of a huge snowstorm)
Ethan: She skied here!
(Ethan and girlfriend leave the room)
Kat: Hate her.
Kyle: Hate her more.

Seriously? If you haven't seen it yet, start watching. I think it's worth it.

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