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Reasons the SAG Awards rock:

- They are SO much shorter than most other awards shows (2 hours verses 3+ hours)
- Actors tend to be eloquent and engaging, so their speeches tend to be more eloquent and engaging
- They are more egalitarian. Non-film educated people can understand a good performance when they see it. The average viewer cannot point out excellent cinematography or editing...and SAG doesn't have awards beyond acting
- They award ensembles. It emphasizes the importance of having a large, talented cast of complex and interesting characters--the heart of any good storytelling medium
- They end on time. Not just at 10pm, but at 9:59. Now THAT'S incredible

Random thoughts on the show:

Julie Andrews receiving the lifetime achievement award makes me happy. I love her. Before I realized I can't sing worth a damn, I wanted to be her.

Plus, Helen Mirren is STILL amazing and still deserves as many awards as we can throw at her! Fabuous. Times twelve.

And Chandra Wilson is adorable and thankful and excellent. I really love Grey's Anatomy. I can't help's absolutely addicting. And the cast just seems so supportive and amazing off screen, and they definitely bring that to the show every week. (Though they totally should have had someone else speak...I was thinking Patrick Dempsey, but whatever.)

Hugh Laurie is one of my favorite people in the world, and he's so funny. I miss House. I am watching The Idol, but I'm starting to go through withdrawal from my Fox shows.

I love that Greg Kinnear is funny. He sometimes doesn't seem like he should be, but he really is.

Perhaps it's morbid of me, but I love the "in memorium" montage segment. I love all montage segments, really, but that one is particularly impactive because it brings into sharp perspective the excellence that will not be seen again. And it keeps one up to date on the recently deceased. For example, I didn't know Paul Gleason died. It's disappointing, really. I'm looking forward to the uber-huge Oscar in memorium segment.


And because I've seen a whole lot of commercials for it, WATCH "MY BOYS" ON TBS! Seriously, it's really quality and funny, and has an excellent cast. They are replaying the 13-episode season, and it's really worth it. I've been rewatching some of the episodes.

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