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I was happy in my harbor when you cut me loose, floating on an ocean and confused...

So I never really articulated my opinion on the Oscar nominations, but my plog said it much better than I could.

Oscar Forecast: Nominations Are In
At 5:38 a.m. (you Eastern Standard Time people are so lucky) it's hard to get excited about Oscar nominations, which aired at that godforsaken time this morning. Now that I feel a little less than a zombie, here's a rundown of what got missed and who woke up surprised. (You can read the complete list of nominees here.)

Snubs: Dreamgirls garnered the most nominations, at eight, but was knocked out of the biggest race by Little Miss Sunshine (or Letters From Iwo Jima, depending on your outlook). Volver was sorely missing from Best Director and, more shockingly, Best Foreign-Language Film (and yes, Spain did submit it and it was in the final 9 contenders). The Departed was apparently crowded with so many great performances that the Academy split their votes and gave its lone acting nod to... Mark Wahlberg (who's no doubt taunting his naysayers, "That's Mister Oscar Nominee Marky Mark to you".) Jack Nicholson missed out on his 13th nomination, and Leonardo DiCaprio was given a nod for Blood Diamond instead. No nods also for Thank You for Smoking, and Flags of Our Fathers was relegated to two categories (both for sound).

Surprises: 10-year-old Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin (Supporting Actress) becomes the fourth-youngest nominee in history. Should Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson) out-wrestle Forest Whitaker, he'd be the youngest Best Actor in history (beating The Pianist's Adrien Brody by three years).

Other notes:
-It's the second time in three years former Titanic co-stars DiCaprio & Kate Winslet will be nominated together in the Best Actor & Actress categories (he was for The Aviator; she for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

-Alexander Desplat won the Golden Globe for scoring The Painted Veil. It didn't even get a nomination; instead, he's been nominated for scoring The Queen.

-Judi Dench has been nominated six times in the last nine years (she's won once). Let's have her read the phone book for her next film and see if she gets another nod.

-Kate Winslet is the youngest actor to receive five acting nominations: She's only 31. (She hasn't won yet, but she's gots time.)

-If Martin Scorsese loses this year for Best Director, he will have the distinction of the most losses ever by a director without winning. (But we stop short of calling him the Biggest Loser and just pray he pulls off a Susan Lucci this time.)

Ellen, Amazon Screening Room

I attended the Kumquat Festival today. I ate kumquats, kumquat bread, chocolate-covered kumquats, and kumquat pie. Oh man...who knew kumquats were so versatile? (It was mostly just an arts and crafts fair...kinda like any Wisconsin fair, but with more flamingos and beach stuff and less geese and Packer stuff.)

That is all.

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