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Let's roll the windows down, turn the radio up, let the wind blow through our hair...

She is my new favorite person ever.

This girl was on the radio when I was coming back from class, and she's smart and funny and just really loves the Bears.

She has her flight to Miami and (I assume) lodging. She just needs a "date" with tickets. (She specified that it could be a woman, so long as she had a ticket.)

She was saying that she added the "Ivy League grad" so that people would stop saying she was a dumb whore and decided to go on the radio so that she could get the interest out to more people and so that when she connects up with her Super Bowl Date, there will be a lot of people who know the situation and she won't get stuck with some axe murderer. I was laughing really hard (on the inside...I was on the bus, after all). Apparently, the buzz was all over Wall Street yesterday, so she might bag one of them. She also said that the son of a franchise owner (she didn't specify which) had responded to the post.

It's crazy, but it seems to be working. I'm thinking about auctioning myself off as a date to the Oscars.


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