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iPod Mechanic is my new favorite business EVER!

Dead serious, dudes.

I ordered a repair on my LCD screen that cracked (I mentioned this previously...Apple can't/won't fix it). It was $79, which kinda sucked, but it included UPS ground shipping and supposed 24-hour turn around.

I sent out my iPod on Monday morning (actually, I had my daddy do it, because I was driving 2 hours back to school before my 12:30 class). UPS got it there today and at 10:21am, I got an email from iPod Mechanic saying that they had received my iPod. Then, at 1:12pm, I got an email saying that it was being shipped back and had the new UPS tracking number.

That's 2 hours and 51 minutes turn around.

Sweet. So my iPod is back in the hands of UPS, and maybe I'll have it on Monday? It's hard to predict with the weekend coming up. Once I have it back in my hands, I'll let you know if my first-born child will be going to the amazing people at iPod Mechanic.

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