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First off, a note to you who used DVD+Rs...Best Buy has a spindle of 50 on sale for $13 this week (Memorex, 16x).

I went and bought two today. They do this every once in a while...the last time it was a spindle of 50 Verbatim DVDs...I got two then, too. (It's for my TV show

If you're in the market, take advantage. They usually run $30, so a $17 discount is awesome.

Second, Letters From Iwo Jima is a good movie. I'm not usually a big fan of war films...especially because they usually feel like "been there, done that" and I guess there were a lot of typical elements in this film too, but it was really interesting and engaging and there wasn't a whole lot of actual fighting. But I enjoyed it...I kinda wish I would have caught Flags of Our Fathers, though I do like that I'll most likely be seeing the two films in the opposite order than most.

Third, Pan's Labyrinth is incredibly enjoyable. It felt like what a movie should be. However, I did wish that there was more of the fantasy element, only because that's what I was lead to believe the movie was about (based on title, trailer, etc). There was a great deal of the other half of the world--the war, the evil Captain. That part was certainly interesting and I enjoyed it SO much, but it was a majority of the film, whereas her dreamlike quest was too fast (the tasks were almost too easy) and left me wanting more, in a bad way. I thought there was a great opportunity to do so much more...the illusions to death and escaping a horrifying reality...I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this, but as I think about it more, it will become more clear.

Overall, I think it could have been better, but it was original and intriguing and I will own it when it comes out on DVD. Best off all, it inspired me and made me think, which is my favorite thing about a movie.

Fourth, I like "Mythbusters" better with Grant, Kari, and Tory. They are entertaining and provide a break from Jamie and Adam (though I love them, too). I really don't like the episodes that have Scottie instead of Grant. She was kinda annoying and took the girl thunder from Kari.

Fifth, I have 4 crazy bug bites clustered on my arm. They are red, and bumpy, and I really wish I knew how I got them. They started itching like mad during Letters From Iwo Jima. Where did they come from? Your guess is, honestly, as good as mine.

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