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Alright, this is going to be my last post for a bit, I swear.

Netflix has a totally wicked new feature: Instant Watching.

On a Windows XP computer, one can download and watch movies instantly, at no additional charge and at no detriment to the movies in your queue. If you have the 3-at-a-time program and have all 3 at home, you can still instantly watch any of the many available for download.

There is a cap, of course. Every month, you get 1 hour of instant viewing time for every dollar you spend on the program. For example, the 3-at-a-time program is $17.99 a month, so you get 18 hours of instant viewing for that month. That's probably a little under 9 movies (depending on length) without waiting for shipping.

And for my program (I'm currently at 6 discs at a time), I'd get 36 hours of instant watching time per month (18 additional movies)!

The catch so far?

I don't have a Windows XP-compatible computer.

And though their online library is extensive, it's not all inclusive...yet.


I am looking into Boot Camp for my Mac, though I think it would have to go on my new laptop...which doesn't have the same kind of hard drive space as my desktop, but it's got a better processor.

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