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So I frequent Regal theaters and I'm a Regal Crown Club member. It's really the best thing ever. For every 40 points, I get a free popcorn, free drink, or free movie ticket. I have also received a Sour Patch Kids candy for $1, but that's not one of the usual rewards, and I'm not entirely sure how to get that again...because it was awesome. Oh, and Tuesdays are automatically free popcorn days, but I don't eat popcorn.

Anyway, I checked online and I have 198 points. Now, that didn't seem like a lot to me...surely I must be at more like 400. However, every point is a dollar spent, so I've spent $198 on movies at Regal theaters. And I tend to frequent matinees far more than evening shows, so it's only $7 a movie. And, obviously, that doesn't include the movies that I've hopped into.

Oh, and did I mention I've only been a Crown Club member since June 2006?

For those of you counting, it's about 28 movies that I've paid for at Regal cinemas (I do see many movies at the Beacon by my mom's house), in 7 months.

Hot damn.

Tomorrow will be another 14 points (actually, they cap it at 12 points per day)...but that means at the 200 marker, I get a free soda! And I'll be 30 points away from a free movie ticket!

Sometimes I wonder how they make money with me getting all these rewards. And then I realize that I spend a crap load on movies (and occasionally concessions). I deserve these rewards!

*Note: I am also a big proponent of the Best Buy Reward Zone. Though that costs $10 per year, whereas the Regal Crown Club is free. But if you are a frequent customer, they wave the yearly fee (as they have for me the past two years).

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