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Why procrastinating is a good thing:

My Film Producer class tomorrow has been cancelled (I'm not upset, it sucks anyway) and I hadn't yet begun the assignment and was really dreading getting it done tonight. But now, I don't have to! AND! Instead of having a three-hour class tomorrow afternoon, I can do something for myself.

Any guesses?

If you said "taking a pilgrimage to Winter Park to see Letters of Iwo Jima and Pan's Labyrinth," you are absolutely correct!

It's beautiful. I'll get off class at 1:20, get back to my apartment by 2. Get my car and grab something quick to eat for lunch on the way to Winter Park Regal. Letters begins at 2:55 (I should arrive 10-15 minute before it begins) and runs 2h21. Taking into account previews, but subtracting time for end credits, I should be ready for a next movie between 5:20 and 5:30. Low, and behold! Pan's Labyrinth begins at 5:25. Now, it is unclear yet if I will be hopping, or go out, buy a new ticket and come in again. I'm thinking the latter. I tend to hop into the bigger films that don't need my money, and besides...I'm getting too old for the anxiety it causes. I'll be honest and suck it up. What's another $7?

So what will I be doing for the rest of my evening, since I have no assignment to complete? Well, I have some TiVo'ed shows to catch up on (Digging For the Truth, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters), not to mention my newly arrived Extras and MI-5. Plus, I have The Godfather and When Do We Eat? from Netflix.

I am at no lack for visual entertainment. Which really is my life. I guess it makes major, and all. With an art history minor, no less. Slacker, or research?

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