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Another installment of "what awesome movies are coming to me!"

Opening Friday:
- Volver (another foreign film?! YAY!)
- Blood and Chocolate (mmm...)

Not to mention Catch and Release, but that's wide, so not nearly as cool.

I forgot that Awards Season brings out good movies to wider release. Thank the cinema gods for that!

Oh, and in the mail today, I got season one of "Extras" ( excited) and the first two discs of season one of "MI-5" (aka "Spooks")...mmm...Matthew Macfadyen.

Before I forget, Oscar nominations are in!

Once you get past the first two actor categories, there aren't any huge surprises. But those actor categories...WTF? And I thought the Golden Globes were fucked up.

*Note: Still have not seen Letters From Iwo Jima or Pan's Labyrinth. I've been busy. However, tomorrow night and Thursday day and night tend to be my good movie days, so I might get both of those in, plus either Babel or Blood Diamond.

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