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Today is one of those fantastic Florida days where one is as comfortable in a sweatshirt and jeans (as I am sporting) as in a tee-shirt and jeans (which many others around campus were wearing).

It's pretty sweet.

Also, I went on a bit of a music-buying binge today on iTunes. I got the Dreamgirls soundtrack (because one can never have enough musicals), Daughtry (because I love Chris and wanted him to win, and I've heard the album is actually good), and KT Tunstall (because she was on Ellen and I like her two songs that I've heard...and really? You can't go wrong with a female singer/songwriter. Just check out my iTunes).

So that was fun...but $30.

And I put in the order to get my iPod repaired. I just have to take the shipping label I printed to a UPS store and get my iPod boxed up and sent on it's merry way. (The site suggested having 2" padding, so I figure I'll let the guy at the UPS store take care of it all. I'll come in with my iPod and the shipping label and be like, "make this happen.")

Tonight, I will possibly be having Olive Garden for dinner. Oh, I'm so excited.

I think that's all on the "Gail front." I'm going to finish packing, then head over to mi madre's for the weekend. Chao!

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