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Movies coming to me on Friday:
- Pan's Labyrinth (!!!!!!!!!)
- Letters From Iwo Jima

Movies still by me or returning on Friday:
- Notes on a Scandal
- The Painted Veil
- Blood Diamond
- Babel

Curse of the Golden Flower is also here, and I do love the fact that it's a foreign language film in Orlando (actually, in Winter Park), but considering my other options and the fact that Pan's Labyrinth and Letters From Iwo Jima are also foreign language, it's not high on my list.

But oh god! The greatness!

I think I'll go see The Painted Veil tomorrow between classes, and Notes on a Scandal tomorrow night, so that next week, I'll have plenty of time for Pan's Labyrinth and Letters From Iwo Jima.

I'll get around to Babel and Blood Diamond eventually. I thought I had missed them and was intending to catch them on DVD later anyway, so they will be "if I get around to it" films. Though they will be at the close Regal, so it will be easier to pop on over there.

6 movies x $7.50 = ugh!

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