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Things I have discovered today:

There are three different allotments for the average 3 credit hour course at UCF:
- 3 times a week for 50 minutes each. (Example: 12:30-1:20pm MWF)
- 2 times a week for 75 minutes each. (Example: 12-1:15pm TuTh)
- 1 time a week for 170 minutes each. (Example: 9-11:50am W)

Now, those of you who are super smart are probably saying, "WAIT A MINUTE! 3*50 is 150, 2*75 is 150, but 1*170 is 170."

Well, you are smarter than I. This is my 4th semester at UCF, and it's the first time I realized that once a week classes are a full 20 minutes longer per week (300 minutes more per semester).

What a crock. Not only do you have to suffer sitting through 170 minutes of class at one time, but there's 20 more minutes than an average class? Pfft!

Also, my professor this morning (of an aforementioned 170 minute class), decided to end class exactly 12 minutes after beginning. Essentially, she handed out the syllabus, and told us to leave. Now, this pissed me off, for many reasons:
1) I woke up at 7:15am to get to class early, and I get sent home after 12 minutes? That sucks.
2) It took me over an hour to get back to my apartment because the bus is uber full at that time of the morning, so the first bus I was on had to pass my apartment and I had to wait for a second bus to go back
3) I figured it out and every minute in that class is $0.67 of my tuition money, therefore by leaving class 158 minutes early, Sukhada (my professor) wasted $105.56 of my tuition money. Do you realize the kind of interest and shit I have to pay back on that? All because she didn't want to teach? It's a film class, for god's sake, she could have put in a fucking movie at least!

And so I figured it out for all my classes.
One class/week = $0.67/minute ($133.58/class)
2 or 3 classes/week = $0.76/minute ($56.79 and $37.86/class, respectively)

This is why I don't ditch class. And why I get pissed off when professors end UBER early.

That is all.

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