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So I'm back at school.

Gah, it's obnoxious. I wish I were in school to learn. I wish everyone were. I think that if we separated out those who continue education for the benefit of learning and those who continue education to get a better job, I would be much happier.

The downside is...this already exists, actually. It's called "graduate school," and I will, regrettably, not be attending unless a miracle happens (win the lottery, marry a millionaire, inherit a fortune from an unknown, distant, wealthy relative).

I have an interest in my studies and none what-so-ever in a job or a future.

In other words, I'm a perfect grad school candidate.



On the upside, I bought a new calendar today and so I got to fill in all the important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, final exams), which I enjoy more than I should.

Also, I've started watching "Mythbusters" more than sporadically (I'm TiVo'ing them now). Watching the Discovery Channel always makes me feel good.

And, Panera had the garden vegetable soup that I love. And I have a tuna salad sandwich chilling in the fridge for dinner later.

Finally, I bought my last two art history textbooks (at $50 a piece) and while I don't like having spent $200 on textbook...I fucking love textbooks. Especially new ones. I could have saved $15 by buying one of them used, but it would be odd to have volume 1 used and volume 2 new...and I just really like new books.

Oh, and I'm re-reading HP and the Half-Blood Prince. Awesome. I want the 5th movie out NOW.

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