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Okay, so my VCR is totally out to get me. I don't know what the hell is going on with it, but *again* it didn't tape Ananda. It had had about 30 seconds, then cut to TRL. I don't understand it, I really don't. [Were puppies even on today?]

Oooo....Carson playing guitar.
John Norris talking about On The Line. *squee*

On the way home from school, Dad was listening to country (ew, but I had no choice) and it was "God Must Have Spend...." a remake. So not as good as the boys, of course. However, Justin and JC do background vocals at parts. I really had to control myself to not start spazing and cranking up the volume.

Shit. I think I missed Making the Video for Brit. Oh well, it will replay.

Damn it Candace! They are trying to get a group together for Homecoming and are pairing people off. She wanted to know if I would go with Pat. Shit. In all honesty, I do want to go. However (and nothing against Pat) but there are only three people I would actually want to go with. One, would never happen. It just...wouldn't. The second, Caitlin has "claimed" and so will make sure it is arranged that she is put with him. I, of course, didn't mention that I would want to go with him, cus she dibbed it first. And the third...I just don't know. He won't ask me, because I never see him ever. However, he is probably the most likely to ask. I don't know. Allie said she would try and get mystery man number 3 to ask me, because she's currently unhappy with her group and wants to add me to it. We'll have to see where that goes (other, than of course, no where).

Damn it. I'm gonna go now. Maybe do homework. Find me a short skirt to wear under my chorus robe for tomorrow's concert. Grrr...gonna go now.

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