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And I have often wonder who, who could love you? The way I do...?


It turns out that there were 44 websites I had to navigate to change my email address (and often other personal information). And I'm sure that I've missed a couple along the way, but I definitely found a majority of them.

In fact, I have done all but 5.

For some reason, the New York Times and Chase bank websites don't like to let me in when I'm at my mom's house (yeah, weird). I can't log into Facebook because I don't know my school email address (you may laugh, but go look it up and tell me if YOU could memorize that thing). American Express is currently down, possibly for updates, and HRC doesn't want to update my email address...again, I blame my mom's internet.

Some sites still had my address in Deerfield, which (for those of you playing along at home) hasn't existed since November 2004. I guess it was time to scour the net for all those loose ends. There is a certain feeling of accomplishment in knowing that everything is up-to-date. And it should be easier to log into everything now...everything using the same email address. Juggling between the two Comcast accounts got aggravating.

And now...I put down the computer, because the internet is lacking appeal at the moment. Perhaps it's time for another movie.

(Note: the icon is of my old laptop, Jack. My new laptop, Ginny, has no icon yet.)

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