Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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I might be falling in love with Anne Hathaway.

So cute!

And talking about wardrobe malfunctions and nipple petals. Hilarious.

Must go buy Devil Wears Prada like...right now. (Well, maybe after lunch...)

Also: must go buy The Frey's CD...because I love the songs they play on "Grey's Anatomy."

[Final note: if it's promoted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I will most likely go buy it.

I'd want to see The Painted Veil too, because Edward Norton was on and was AMAZINGLY hilarious and I adore him, but it's so serious, so I might just pull out The Italian Job, because even though he's skeezy, it's Ed Norton AND Mark Wahlberg. Mmmm...Marky Mark.]

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