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This is officially my first post on my brand-new laptop!

She is a mid-grade, Apple MacBook. I'm still working out using the crazy, separated keyboard. It's much different from Jack, my 12" PowerBook.

Now, I know you are all concerned about Jack. I am as well. He is, sadly, on his last legs, though I wish to keep him around as much as possible. He is more portable, being only 12" versus my 13.3" widescreen MacBook, but I think I'll manage with my newest addition.

Oh, by the way, her name is Ginny. She is not the computer of my dreams, but she is definitely good enough and will work very well for my purposes. Just like her Harry Potter namesake. (Along the same lines, I had a HELL of a plot bunny this morning. DELICIOUS!)

Alright, that's it for now. Christmas was good. Poker + alcohol = any good party in my family.

Tomorrow: a third fourth round of poker tournament (I won two of the three, though we only played for money during one of those rounds. Still...$5 ain't bad. I'm pretty good....)

Also, possible shopping or just recovering from a hangover. (My sister and I drank a half of a handle of Captain cousin helped a bit...but really...oh man, that's a lot of rum. I know why the rum is always gone...)

Wednesday (two days from now, though it feels like it should be...well, I don't even know. I have no concept of time, currently), I'm taking the parents and Zoe (my niece) to the airport. So I'll have a 3 bedroom, beautiful, new house all to myself for a week. And NOTHING to do here. (For the love of GOD please visit me!)

And now...slllllleeeeeeeeep.

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