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Why I write a bunch of stuff that is probably boring to the rest of the world

I inherited my mother's mind which means I often loose my train of thought, and can never remember anything. As they say, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on. Anyways, this is why I write down what I do everyday. If sometime in the next year, someone asks what I did on July 14th, I can look back here and see. It's kinda nice.

Yesterday: I babysat for Zoe like everyday. At about 2, while she was napping, Candace came over to watch Almost Famous...the best movie ever. When Zoe woke up and the movie was over, the three of us went to Jewel to pick up pizzas, ice cream and cookie dough. I also bought Zoe a Butterfinger bar, cus I'm such a wonderful aunt. After, we went to visit Caitlin at Bed, Bath and Beyond (where she works) and got kicked out. Her manager called her register and told her to tell us to leave. It was kind of rude because if there was a customer, we would politely move and not bother her until she was free. Whatever. Lewis met us there, and we all went back to my house to play Super Smash. The sad part was that Zoe won a couple times. Lewis left at 6:30 to go to a different party, and Candace, Zoe and I played Pizza Party while we cooked our pizza for dinner. After, we played Disney Trivia, and before we had finished the game, JC, Jessie and Zoe had come over. We all enjoyed our pizza dinner. At that point, I told Zoe to watch cartoons in another room, cus she had to wind down before bed. My friends and I played Trival Pursuit for about 4 hours. No one actually won, but Caitlin declared herself the winner when she had to go home at 11 and had 5 out of 6 pieces. The next closest had 2 pieces, so I guess she was the most likely winner. At about 9, we decided to eat the ice cream, and I even gave Zoe a little bowl to eat. At 9:30, I put Zoe to bed. The last of everyone dispersed at midnight, so I cleaned up the pop cans and ice cream cartons, and shut down the house for the night. Zoe was asleep and everything was clean and straightened, so I headed down to my room. After checking my mail, I decided to go to bed because I was extremely tired.

Today (yeah Saturdays!): Today, we have planned a surprise coming home party for Elliott, because he's has been gone at camp for 3 weeks. It's more an excuse to have a party before the end of summer. He's expected to get home around 3-5, so I'm going early to set up with Lewis, Lindsay and Jenny, so I'll be leaving at about one to shop for food and start cooking and preparing for stuff at Elliott's house. I'm excited, if you can't tell yet, I really enjoy parties.

Well, that's me in a nut shell (Hi, I'm in a nut shell. How did I get in this nut shell? Why am I in this nutshell?) I'm sure I'll write back soon.

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