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Call me a major geek, but I've been watching the History International channel all night. It's been super sweet. The theme has been, essentially, the history of sex. The show "Love and Sex in the Hebrew Bible" was especially interesting. I'm really going to miss digital cable when I go back to Florida.

Seriously? The only channels I've been watching have been on digital cable (namely Logo, BBC America, and History International). I know I mentioned this summer that TiVo + digital cable is hands down the best thing ever, but I forgot how great that combo was until this week.

Not to mention that there are a few upcoming shows on History International that I really want to watch, but they are on after I leave. Dammit. And I'm going to miss the gayness of everything on Logo. And British TV is just SO good!!! (There were advertisements for a miniseries starring Jean-Luc Piccard...I mean Patrick Stewart...that looked frickin' awesome, but it's not on while I'm here to take advantage.) When I get back to Florida, I'm watching "Ultraviolet" (a sci-fi British miniseries starring Jack Davenport). I can't believe I haven't watched it yet!

I need to convince my mother that digital cable is a necessity. Too bad she'll just tell me that I'm spoiled already and make me feel entirely guilty. These battles are a self-esteem boost, let me tell you.

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