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Dec. 14th, 2006

Why is "Changing Rooms" so much better than "Trading Spaces?"

Because they have fuckin' British accents!

One of the guys sounds spot-on like Matthew Goode and I REALLY want to watch Imagine Me & You but my copy is in Florida. And I'm not sure if my sister has it.

Also, I have a very loving kitty following me around and sitting all over me today. You'd think he hadn't seen a human in over a month.

And, "my kitty" sent me an email this morning in which she said she missed me and included a picture of herself napping on my dad's bed. My mom is mostly crazy, but it was a cute gesture. Silly Cici.

Finally, last night was fun. Had dinner and hung out with Pat, Chazz, and Goldy. Tonight will be a second dinner and hanging shindig with those boys again, plus Allie, Candace, and Jason. I'm trying to make use of my limited time here, but I think they are the only 6 people in town this week. I definitely picked a totally rubbish week to be here. After Christmas and before New Years would have been better, but I'm guessing MUCH more expensive. (My round-trip ticket, TPA to ORD, was $137.)

Oh, a last note to people who love me: I have my parents' house to myself for the week of December 27th through January 4th-ish. If anyone wants to pop down to Florida, I can provide a kick-ass New Year's Eve party. Otherwise, I'll be celebrating alone with my cat.

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