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Nobody wants to face the truth...

I studied American Art for approximately 9 hours today (when you discount breaks, meals, and a 30-minute, revitalizing nap). And I feel completely unprepared.

Like...I feel no more confident now than I did 9 hours ago. I'm hoping to squeak by with a C on this exam. Honestly, unless he uses the easiest questions ever (like 5 about Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater"...I think I can figure that one out from the slide. It's a house with a fucking waterfall), I'm screwed.

There goes my GPA. Goodbye, 3.67. It was SO nice knowing you.

My face is washed, my teeth are brushed, I'm going to bed.

Note to self: pack for winter break, you dumbass. (My self-esteem is really healthy right now, can't you tell?)

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