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My Mesoamerican Art exam was so easy, it was kind of a joke. There were maybe two questions that I wasn't sure about, and only one that I had no idea. The rest was insanely simple. couldn't have been any easier if I had written in. Seriously. The questions I would have written would have been much harder.

So I'm feeling confident about that one, though I'm a little nervous about the timeline I handed in last week. I did a PowerPoint, but I never checked to see if it would open well on a PC. I know that it should work, but the computers are so crappy in the classrooms that they don't have Quicktime installed, and often images don't show up in presentations because the format doesn't read. I know all the images I used are .jpgs, but yesterday, we had a major problem with our PowerPoint presentation for my uber-huge pitch presentation (we ended up converting the PowerPoint to a .mov file and scrolling through it while it was paused). The point is, I know that those files were .jpg (they were my files) and still didn't show up. I'm assuming (and hoping!) that my Professor's computer is much better and smarter and will show all of my files without issue, but if not, it could be trouble. All my information (text) would still be there, but it's a visual timeline, and my actual "timeline" image might not show up.


I knew I should have printed out the entire thing and handed it in with the CD, just in case.

From now on...I'm doing that. (I don't even know if it IS an issue, but I'm panicked. It's 15% of my grade, and I'm hinging on the edge of an A.)


Enough worrying about things I can't fix. I need to get to studying American Art.

I have over 160 pages of reading to do, spanning 125 years. Plus, over 271 slides to memorize, by 84 different artists (only 8 of which I had heard of before this class). Oh, and he doesn't post slides or lectures theoretically I have to go hunting on the internet to find them all and study them and be ready to recall them for the exam tomorrow. Or rely on my memory.

Thankfully, we didn't cover photography, interior/decorative arts, or Modernism (it's all painting, sculpture, and architecture). Otherwise, the reading would have been 300 pages, and who knows how many slides. Seriously, we didn't even get to Edward Hopper or Georgia O'Keefe.

I never realized how much I hate American Art until I took this class. How fucking tedious?

Alright, nose to the grindstone. I need to study hardcore.

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