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"My Boys" on TBS is my new favorite show. Dude, they were talking about how great Potbelly is. Do you KNOW what I'd do for turkey and swiss from Potbelly right now?

And other than all the Chicago references, it's actually a decent show. Fabulous.

Alright, so I'm done with my mega-uber-huge project. Everything is turned in, including my post-mortem essay, and the presentation went relatively well. And I didn't have to take a Communications final, and I took my History of Motion Picture final yesterday, and I turned in my Film Criticism take-home final.

So I'm 66.67% done. I have two more finals to go: Mesoamerican Art tomorrow (not a huge deal) and American Art on Friday (eeeeep!!!!!!!!!!).

Back to "My Boys," then either Love Actually ('tis the season) or Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (because I've owned it for 30 hours and STILL haven't watched it) before getting to back to studying.

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