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So I'm very angry today. Like...everything is pissing me off today.

However, I had my first Carmel Apple Cider of the season, and it was ecstasy. I swear to god, I verbally "OH!"ed after my first sip. Now, (I'm pretty sure) Starbuck's serves them year-round, but something about a hot Carmel Apple Cider during the Christmas season.

The downside is that a hot Carmel Apple Cider when it's 82 degrees is not entirely pleasant. But I had a cold bottle of water, air conditioned apartment, a tuna salad sandwich from Panera, AND an episode of "Psych," which made everything better.

So I'm not quite as angry anymore. And hopefully the road rage I was feeling early (seriously, you don't know the meaning of road rage until you drive with the idiots who occupy the state of Florida), has mellowed so that I can head to my mom's (err..."parent's") house for the weekend.

Oh, and today was my last day of classes. Next week is finals, then fall semester is over. Thank god.

From "Psych:"
Gus: How did you figure out the money was in the crypt?
Shawn: I'm bluffing.
Gus: This is not a good time to bluff.
Shawn: I think it's a great time, she was going to kill us.

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