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Oy, long weekend.

The holiday was good. Thanksgiving = such good food! Family So take that how you will. Overall, a decent time.

I was an utter slacker and though I should have been doing work, probably nonstop since Friday...I didn't. Though I did spend most of yesterday and today helping my sister paint her kitchen, dining room, living room, and hallway. It took about 4 hours the first day, and 2 today. Not to mention the 1.5 hours on Friday night that we taped off everything. (By the way, I hate painter's tape. Rollers and brushes aren't high on my list either.) The remainder of Saturday (after painting) was spent drinking and watching movies, so that was good.

Anyway, so a lot of painting, and my arms and legs are killing me. A lot of up and down and squatting and stretching and ladders. 6 hours' worth, to be exact.

And in addition to soreness, I'm trying to catch up on the work I didn't do. I'm not quite behind yet, but I'm getting there. The good news is, my TV show pilot is finished. I still need to revise it, maybe cut out a couple pages (ugh), but it as a "the end" at the end, so it's done. And I found all the images I'll need for my Mesoamerican Timeline (I'm making it into a seemed easiest). But I'm going to need to find more dates than I have. The problem is that most things don't have dates, but I need to compile them into a timeline...see the issue?


So I'm giving up on the Timeline for tonight. I'll compile it all (and figure out what the hell to write on the slides and how to make some image that resembles a timeline for the main slide) at a later date. But before Thursday...which is when it's due.

Good news, though. I got an A on my Communication test from last week...which puts my average at 90%. And the final is optional, for those who either missed a test, or want to try to raise their grade. So, no Comm final for me! The best part is that the final is during class on Thursday, so I won't have to go at all. Tuesday will be my last class...rock the fuck on.

Alright, I think that's it for my disjointed comments. I'm sleepy and my brain is not working well. So I think I'll read over the script, edit what I can, and then finish the rest of that tomorrow.

To do list (because I'm sure I'll forget something if I don't):
- Revise/edit script
- Send script to Zoe for suggestions(?)
- Create PowerPoint info and script pitch documents
- Email Lauren PowerPoint info (ASAP)
- Email Alicia pitch documents (ASAP)
- Print out script (for class Wednesday 11/29)
- Mesoamerican Timeline PowerPoint (due Thursday 11/30)
- Study Film Crit vocab (quiz Wednesday 11/29)
- Start working on Film Crit take-home exam (due Wednesday 12/6)
- Start finding slides for American Art (compile into a PowerPoint or Word doc to study for final exam, Monday 12/4)
- Prepare presentation for TV show pitch project (due Wednesday 12/6)
- Study for Film History final (exam Tuesday 12/5)
- Study for Mesoamerican final (exam Thursday 12/7)

Abbreviated version:
- Film Criticism and Theory vocab quiz (Wednesday 11/29)
- Mesoamerican Timeline project (Thursday 11/30)
- American Art final exam (Monday 12/4)
- Film History final exam (Tuesday 12/5)
- Film Criticism and Theory take-home final exam (Wednesday 12/6)
- Foundations of Production TV pitch project (Wednesday 12/6)
- Mesoamerican final exam (Thursday 12/7)

Damn, it's all long.

Note to self: finish stuff on list. Check off list. Make list smaller.

9 more school days until Winter Break (10 and a half real days). 9 classes + 4 during finals week. 252.5 hours....

Alright, I'm really done this time.

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