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NBC is a bunch of bitches.

Alright, so I'm watching last night's Daily Show and being highly entertained (as usual). Then Tina Fey comes on (who I adore) and I decide that I should check out her show sometime. It's supposed to be good. And really? I just really love her!

So I check the TiVo schedule, and it comes up with an error. It can't record because at the same time, I'm already recording "Grey's Anatomy" AND "CSI."

First off, NBC is fucking retarded (and I don't use the word as an insult, so you can assume that the people working at NBC are mentally handicapped).

Two weeks ago, the top five television shows was as follows:
1) Desperate Housewives (ABC, 22.65 million viewers)
2) Sunday Night Football (NBC, 21.94)
3) Grey's Anatomy (ABC, 21.02)
4) CSI (CBS, 20.77)

5) Dancing With the Stars (ABC, 20.51)

I can understand that they want to get in the game...I mean, football season doesn't last forever. But honestly. With 41,790,000 viewers watching something else, who the hell is going to tune into a fledgling 30-minute sitcom with the same premise as a fledgling 60-minute dramedy? Who in their marketing department decided that would be a GOOD plan????

Even people with dual-tuner DVRs (like myself) probably aren't choosing "30 Rock" as their second show. Fuck heads.

I'm only semi-upset over never being able to see the adorable and talented Tina Fey. I'm more pissed that on Thursday, they are doing one of those fucked up, 40-minute episodes schedule whereas "The Office" will run from 8:40 until 9:20, instead of the normal 8:30-9. This means that instead of seeing "The Office," I will be able to watch the first 20 minutes, before tuning to either "Grey's Anatomy" or "CSI" (most likely "Grey's" so that I can discuss it after with Zoe...then I watch "CSI" later and skip through commercials).

Of all the dumbass things to do...

Look, NBC, I love "The Office," but I'm going on 7 years as a CSI fan, and I've been with Grey's from the beginning. You may have made Thursday night "must-see TV." But no one is going to watch you when you're up against the number 3 and 4 shows.

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