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So I know I've said this before, but it really warrants repeating every once in a while.

I love Matthew Perry.

I loved him as Chandler on "Friends."

I loved him as Oz in The Whole Nine Yards.

I LOVED him as Alex Whitman in Fools Rush In.

I loved when he briefly appeared on "The West Wing" at the end of season 4 (3 episodes).

I love his cameo on "Scrubs" (which I'm currently watching on Comedy Central, episode "My Unicorn").

And I love his role on "Studio 60."

He's just fucking awesome.


"I love this moment so much, I want to have sex with it." - Dr. Cox.

Followed later by: "By the by, this moment is SO great, I'd cheat on that other moment from before, marry this one and raise a family of tiny, little moments." - Dr. Cox.

"Scrubs" is so good.

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