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Why doesn't anyone watch "Desperate Housewives" so that I can gush?!


Sunday's episode looks intense. I'm nervous for Lynette. I adore her.

("Bones" was good tonight too. I'm just excited that it's back!)


"Oh, 'ha ha, it's so funny.' My vagina's depressed!" - Charlotte

I forgot how great "Sex and the City" is.


Okay, aside from small TV updates, life has been eh. I'm sick-ish. I swear, I've gone through an entire box of Kleenex in the past 24 hours. And Advil Cold and Sinus is utter CRAP, especially because you can't get it off-the-shelf anymore...they keep it behind the pharmacy counter. If it's behind the counter, it better stop my nose from running and my throat from hurting. But, oh no. And I've been on a constant regimen for two days!

And it was all gloomy and raining today. Yet I still got my ass out of bed for my 3-hour 9am lecture from hell...and the professor didn't show up. We waited for a half hour, then left a sign-in sheet with the department head.

It gave me 3 hours to watch Ocean's 11 and format my Mesoamerican Art timeline Powerpoint, but still. I could have been sleeping, or something. I'm not too bitter...I'd rather be forced out of bed at 7am every day for the rest of my life than sit through that class once. It's a terrible class.

So yeah. That's me. Busy-ish. Sick-ish. Gloomy-ish...but getting better. Good TV will cure all, I am sure of it.

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