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This morning, I took my final midterm. For those of you keeping track, since last Wednesday I have taken 5 exams, 1 quiz, and written a 7-page paper. Hectic doesn't begin to describe it.

But this morning, I took the last one...the dreaded Film Theory and Criticism. And it was awful. And ridiculous. As a class, we LAUGHED when the exam was handed out. The first page had 5 short phrases, each followed by three rows of blank lines, on which to write an answer. Our previous vocab quiz was a fill-in-the-blank format in which one word was missing from the definition. We thought it would be the same format, but was opposite. And there are still phrases that perplex me. They were things like "narrative," "story," "cinematic convention" and other horribly ambiguous and broad terms. I could write a fucking essay about "narrative," what would you like me to focus on in one sentence? The professor wasn't even there, we had a proctor administer the test (isn't there a rule about professors are required to be there for a midterm?). Plus, there was also a fill-in-the-blank section, as well as a couple true-false questions. And an essay portion. Well fuck a dead duck.

However, it is over now and I'm sure that I'm better for it (though my grade may not be). I detoxed enough to enjoy myself in American art, though American landscape has never gotten me in a tizzy. Foundations of Production was good. I knew I had gotten an "A" on the quiz last week (it was posted online), but I wasn't sure if that was 100% or 1 wrong. (I'm petty, and I care.) We got them back today...100%. Sweet. It was only 15 questions, but still. It felt nice.

The group project (TV show pitch) is going okay. 3 of our 6 group members weren't there today...which is actually the norm. We still have a lot of work to do. I'm going to try to finish the script, plus character backgrounds and polishing the fantasy casting by next Wednesday. Oy. We'll see.

I got back to my apartment a little after 4 and remember that I had planned a movie hopping night tonight. So I ate a quick lunch and ventured over to Winter Park (their Regal plays more indie films...fuckers). I had a free movie ticket (yes! Thanks Regal Crown Club!) and so I went to see Keeping Mum, a quarky British comedy starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Rowan Atkinson, and Maggie Smith. Wickedly delightful. Very Serial Mom meets [insert any film in which an unexpected guest changes the lives of everyone around her]. At first, I was annoyed with the typicality of the plot, but it certainly has a twist that you can't help but love.

I had planned to make it a double feature, but my numbers didn't work out quite right (I replaced a :15 with a :45 somewhere in my mind, so I was a half hour off). It worked out well, though. Instead of being 10 minutes early for a screening of Flags of Our Fathers, I was right on time for The Prestige.

At first, I was very annoyed with the chronology of The Prestige. There's a fine line between cool-and-effective and annoying-and-hard-to-follow. This crossed that line. I wouldn't have been as irritated, except that the whole point is trying to figure out what's going on (where the illusions are, how they are accomplished) and it was incredibly difficult with the increased confusion of a fluid chronology. I can see know that it worked, but it still irks me. I think I would have figured things out sooner.

Now, the ending didn't surprise me, but that's not to say that I knew what was going to happen. I had made SEVERAL conjectures. Some outlandish, some right on the money. This type of movie really stretches your imagination and teaches you to think outside the box, which was EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed myself while watching it. That's not to say that there weren't any flaws, but it was extremely solid. Plus, Andy Serkis and David Bowie play minor characters, and Scarlett Johansson doesn't even appear for the first 40-ish minutes, and doesn't speak for an additional 10! And once she did have a role in the film, it wasn't terribly offensive. One of her best, actually. So kudos to her.

But yeah. I like puzzles and figuring stuff out and I was just SUPER impressed with myself that I got the ending. (Ironically, I am not good at figuring out the end of movies. Some film major I am, eh?)


To sum up, my work load has dramatically increased. I saw two movies this evening, in the theater, for FREE. And I'm chatting with Patty and he's in a good mood, which is putting me into MORE of a good mood. Oh, and I totally got 9 hours of sleep last night (minus the part where I was woken up by Caitlin's phone call and my roommates shouting "I called it" to a television show...I'm thinking it was "Nip/Tuck"...fortunately both occurred around the same time).

Tomorrow, I was hoping to catch Flags of Our Fathers and Marie Antoinette as a "double feature" but I don't think the times are going to work out. I'd have 30 minutes between movies, and any more than 20 is just too much. I might just have to see one (Flags is obviously the priority...Marie Antoinette can wait.)

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