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You say I'll pay the price, that's the chance that I'll take...

I'm having SUCH a good day!

I didn't get much sleep last night, but that's because instead of going to bed at midnight when I got off the phone with Zoe (as I should have done), I noticed that Patty left me a note. Earlier in the evening, I had found some possibly flight options for him and Eric and apparently one worked out well for the both of them. So I did a little research to see if there would be a problem if the credit cardholder who paid for the airline tickets (me) was not present at check-in. I didn't really find anything about it, except that if you book a flight less than 48 hours in advance, the cardholder must be present to check in. So I figured it's all good, since their flight is not for another three weeks.

BUT! This means that last night at 1am, I booked the reservations for Eric and Patty to come down to Florida!!! So now we have flights and a hotel!

So worth only getting 6 hours of sleep.


And then this morning, I left my apartment and it was 48 degrees. Burrr! Especially considering that yesterday, it was 79 degrees. 30+ degree difference is hard to adjust to. (I even had to call Zoe to complain.)

But by now, it's gotten up to 66 and feels like a pleasant fall day...the kind that I love. So I opened my window and am letting the fresh breeze roll through the apartment. And though I'm supposed to be studying for my yucky Film Theory and Criticism exam tomorrow morning, I will instead be watching Pride and Prejudice because this is the PERFECT temperature and mood for such a fine film. (And I have a nice warm soup to go with it.)


Also, I took my History of Motion Pictures exam (including re-reading every question and checking my answers on the Scantron) in under 15 minutes. I don't know if I can manage another perfect score (technically, I got 32/33 last time, but he gave everyone a point for an ambiguous question = 33/33), but I might swing another 32. And there's always the chance we'll dispute more ambiguous questions...


Oh, and what's better than sliced bread? Being the best thing that has happened since the earth cooled. And who is the best thing that has happened since the earth cooled? I am, according to Eric.


So, to sum up: I have friends coming to visit me. The weather is lovely and chilly. My exam was easy; I'm certain I did well. Keira Knightley will soon be on my TV. And I'm the best thing that has happened since the earth cooled.

Seriously? If anyone else wants to send love or praise, please feel free. :-)

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