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From you look inna me eye gal I see she you want me, when you gonna give it up to me...?

First, the not-so-good news.

My American Art test today was harder than the first, and I definitely didn't get through studying all the things I should have. I'm pretty sure I did fairly well on the slide identifications but some of the questions seemed to come out of nowhere and I felt thoroughly unprepared. I'm guessing a low B for this one, which sucks because I got an A on the first test.

Also, the Communication test I took last week gave me an 88% for the class (83% on this test, which lowered my previous 93%). Eck. I liked having an A.

This is showing a disturbing trend downward and I'm hoping that it stops quickly.

No grade yet for the Mesoamerican Art exam I took last Thursday. The first two exams were 82% and 85%, respectively. A good upward trend (for once), but still in the B range. Exam three is currently in the test grading center at the University, so those might be posted tomorrow.

Now, here's the good news. (Great, actually.)

You may recall my disappointment at how my Mesoamerican Paper turned out (an essay on an artifact from the Orlando Museum of Art and how it relates to the culture of it's origin...mine was a "Parrot Vessel" from the West Mexican region of Colima). To refresh your memories, I said: "My Mesoamerican paper...not so good. The early draft I had yesterday was shaping up well and looking really good...but the final essay sucked ass. I totally phoned in the conclusion (I just wanted to be done, yo), and I spent about an hour trying to get the scanner to work on my no avail."

Well, the grades were posted.

I got a 100%.

How, I'm not really sure. It's wasn't a good paper. I started two days before it was due. Formally sound and structured well, but the content was completely sub-par. I'm hoping that at least 10% of the class received perfect scores, otherwise there is something seriously wrong. I think this is another occasion in which I should tip my hat to Deerfield High School for teaching me how to write a research paper and properly cite and analyze information. Step one: take quote, citation, information from a book or journal. Step two: explain what it has to do with your paper. Step three: explain how that proves your thesis. And done.

Oh, and this isn't some dinky first-year class. It's a 4000- (most schools use hundreds, so 400-) level course.


Well, I shouldn't complain too much (I like good grades). I just honestly don't think I deserve that. But I will take it and hope that it raises my current B-average to a shiny A.

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