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CSI was really good last night. Like, if I had had to choose between watching that and watching Grey's Anatomy (they are on at the same time, you see), the right choice would have been CSI.

Luckily, I don't have to make choices like that.

Back to CSI. The topic was interesting (churches and religion are becoming increasingly fascinating to me. The Cathedrale Notre Dame is still on of, if not my absolute, favorite place I visited in my one-month, eight-city, five-country tour of Europe). And, Sean Patrick Flanery was in it. [He's in my TV pitch project!]

AND! There was a part when Grissom called Sara "dear" that totally made my day. Like...I hit the instant replay button just to verify that I had hear it right. He said "No, dear" and it was just cute and comfortable and I love Gil/Sara! *happy sigh*

In a similar vein, I decided to watch ER last night (while TiVo'ing Shark). But I gave up on ER after a half hour because I was so bored. Shark was good, it was all worth it.

I miss Justice though (connection = lawyer shows). Stupid World Series. WHERE IS MY FOX PROGRAMMING?! Fox totally did it right, though. Starting their fall lineup two weeks before everyone else? Genius! It gave me two weeks to get into Standoff and Justice and two weeks to get back into House and Bones. So that when the other shows started, I already had my priorities! SO SMART!

Kinda switching gears...I cannot stress enough how great TiVo is. I don't know what I'd do without it. I'd have to choose between Grey's and CSI (which is entirely unfathomable in my's like Sophie's Choice. Though I'd probably go with CSI, because I've been a fan for 4 years longer, and just catch Grey's in a year when it comes out on DVD). Luckily, I don't have to make the choice. And this week, when I had all my work to do...I would have either had to stop working when good TV was on (Nip/Tuck and Project Runway, especially) or just missed them. I also would have missed three days of Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Ellen. But, because of TiVo, I was able to record them all and watch most of it yesterday when all my work had been finished. (Actually, I still haven't watched Nip/Tuck or Project Runway...but stupid facebook told me WHO WON. I can't even TELL you how PISSED I am. Fucking facebook.)

Anyway. Things I could not live without:
- Computers
- Television
- DVD players
- TiVo
- Netflix
- and electricity to make them all work.

I'm a simple girl, with simple needs.

Who's going to be late for class if she doesn't get dressed, do her make-up and hair in the next 10 minutes so she can catch the bus. Whoops. Me and my tangents...I only meant to post that CSI was good last night. It could have been 5 words...but I could carried away.

Alright, DONE!

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