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Gonna live it up this time, and dance like the song is never ending...

My Comm test this morning was alright. I'm fairly confident. Definitely somewhere in the B-A range...though I'm hoping an A (the last test is optional to bring up your grade. If I ace every test...NO FINAL!).

Mesoamerican test was alright. There is one question that I know for a fact was incorrect...on the test, that is. Like...she fucked it up. It was something like: "In what year did King Pakal die?" The options were 900, 800, 612, or 500. First of these things is not like the other. Second off, he died in 683. I picked the one that was at least in the right century, though I'm sure that question will end up being a gimme. But at least 70% of the test was on Lord Pakal and Palenque (the city of which he was king), so I kicked it's ass.

My Mesoamerican paper...not so good. The early draft I had yesterday was shaping up well and looking really good...but the final essay sucked ass. I totally phoned in the conclusion (I just wanted to be done, yo), and I spent about an hour trying to get the scanner to work on my no avail. I had to print shit out, cut and paste, then make photocopies instead of just putting images on the page in Word. Pain in my ass. At least the copy function works...

I came home after all that feeling revitalized and accomplished. It wasn't even 12:30 and all the stressors of my week had vanished.

So I returned to my apartment and had a really good nap. From which I awoke feeling refreshed and lovely. Then, I went to Panera to get lunch/dinner (see, you get the You Pick Two, and have one part for lunch and the other for dinner. So lunch today was cream of chicken and wild rice soup with a sourdough baguette, and dinner will be 1/2 of a tuna salad sandwich, currently chilling in my refrigerator).

Now, I'm catching up on the past three days of television, which I haven't been able to watch due to the insane amounts of work I've been doing.

PLUS! Tonight is MORE good television...the Thursday night lineup totally makes it all worthwhile. The Office, Grey's Anatomy, CSI (I can watch both, thanks to my dual tuner TiVo), Shark (mmm...James Woods). I might even toss ER in there, now that John Stamos is on. Plus I can finish it off with some Daily Show/Colbert Report action, which I usually TiVo because I go to bed around 11. But on Thursday, I can stay up late because Friday morning, my alarm is set for 10:30. Plenty of time to watch the nightly comedic news AND get 9 hours of sleep.

And if that weren't exciting Netflix television show DVD burning system is working MARVELOUSLY. In the past 22 days, I have copied 23 discs. I now have:
- Sports Night: Complete Series (6 discs)
- Desperate Housewives: Season 1 (6 discs)
- Desperate Housewives: Season 2 (6 discs)
- Monk: Season 1 (4 discs)
As well as Will & Grace: Season 1, disc 1 (the poor solo disc was bumped up my queue when one of the Desperate Housewives discs was unavailable).

Next on the queue? Monk, season 2 through 4.

The best part about this is that I haven't really been able to watch the Netflix movies I've been getting, but coping DVDs doesn't actually require sitting down to watch the whole thing. So I've been able to keep those coming in and out while I've been getting work done. Tonight though, I just might have time for either Nine Lives or Sunset Boulevard. Until then, though, I finish up burning Monk.

Oh! It's all just so good.

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