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You ever wonder how the character "Boner" on "Growing Pains" made it past the censors?

His name was BONER!


Also, I think it would be interesting to do a comparison of youth culture as seen in the movie Thirteen versus the television show "Lizzie McGuire." Because life in junior high was much more Lizzie McGuire than Thirteen.


Just some thoughts.

Now back to my Mesoamerican Art paper on the Parrot Vessel of the Colima region, 100 BC. I also have to study for an exam on Mayan art from Tikal through Bonampak (250-900 AD), and an exam on nonverbal communication, listening, communication climates and cultures, and self-communication.

It's reading intensive and I'm possibly the world's slowest reader. In better news, I rocked my Foundations of Production quiz (it was indeed multiple choice and possibly the easiest thing ever) and by tomorrow at this time, my tests and paper will be finished.

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