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This weekend kinda rocked. Despite lacking in all productive efforts I was hoping to achieve, it was good.

Friday, I went to dinner with my sister, Emily, and then we went back to her house to take advantage of the last day of her preview week of HBO and Showtime. I love the cable company. We got The Island OnDemand, and it was decent. Kinda Gattaca-ish. Not quite as good, and a little crazier, but decent.

Saturday, I did laundry, washed my car (got all the damn love bugs off the front and windshield) and sat out in the sun to tan. I actually got a little red. I'm hoping to lay out again next weekend and get a better tan. I met up with Emily again for dinner, and this time, Tom came with. After, we watched Finding Nemo, because it is so good.

Today, I went back over to Emily's (I should have just stayed there this weekend, but the parents are still in Illinois/Wisconsin, so I took advantage of the empty house) to help her paint her office. It was fun, and I noticed that I still have paint on the heel of my foot. Then she made a good spaghetti dinner. So I ate well all weekend. Oh, and she made blueberry muffins and sent me home with some.

I love my sister. She cooks.

I got back to Orlando and caught up on some of the television I missed this weekend. Scrubs, Monk, Numbers, all so good. Desperate Housewives tonight was exceptionally good as well.

I guess it's just a good day.

The downside? I have two tests and a paper this week...all difficult. And I didn't get started on anything this weekend. My car is clean, I have a bit of a tan, and I ate well though.

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