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So, funny story that totally made my day (even more than it being Friday and Zoe booking her flight to come see me).

Today I had American Art, with a 67-year-old gay man who is quite funny and despite the relatively boring subject of 18th Century Greek Revivalist architecture, makes the class more bearable with his wit.

So near the end of the lecture, he was talking about Benjamin West (an American-born artist who traveled to Europe to learn to paint). He started in Italy, where the the Italians were interested in his experience with the "natural man"...the natives of the New World. See, Europeans were very interested in the Native Americans, thinking they were exotic and more natural than the "classic man" of Rome and Greece (from whom they descended).

Anyway, the Italians were interested to see what West would think of their art and showed him the Apollo Belvedere ( He looked at it for a while (according to my professor, he was a bit for the theatrical) and said, in reference to the Apollo, a perfect specimen of the classical male form, said "Huh...he looks just like the Mokawk warriors."

My professor followed that statement with this approximate quote:

"And the next day, 500 gay Italians left for the New World, thinking that half-naked natives looking like Apollo were running around the frontier."

He, of course, clarified that he was joking, but it was an absolutely beautiful end to class.

And from "Psych" this morning:

Shawn: Collecting donations for the policeman's ball?
Lassiter: We don't have balls.
Shawn: I honestly have no response to that.


Chuckles all around. Friday the 13th is a great day, yo.

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