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A small post to say that "Grey's" was perfect tonight.

It got back the charm, tone, and dynamic that it had during the first season, and made leaps and bounds as far as relationships (note especially Addison/Miranda and Addison/Meredith). And high!Meredith is just about the best thing since sliced bread.

(By the way, why have we not discovered anything better than sliced bread? I mean, yeah, I don't want to cut up a whole loaf myself...but is unsliced bread really that bad? I'd say that the automobile, the airplane, the internet...these things are all better than sliced bread.)

And now, CSI!


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Oct. 13th, 2006 01:32 pm (UTC)
But sliced bread was invented a long long time ago. Let's say December 25, 1 bc, for the sake of argument. "Best thing since sliced bread" technically just means best thing since then, which would include the internet and all that jazz.
Oct. 13th, 2006 03:06 pm (UTC)
But see, the problem I have is that there are MANY best things since sliced bread, which would invalidate the use of the word "best." If the polio vaccine was the best thing since sliced bread, then we can assume that sliced bread is still better than personal computers...right? Perhaps my logic is wrong?
Oct. 13th, 2006 03:20 pm (UTC)
At most one thing is "the best thing since sliced bread".

Think about it this way. If I say "Polio Vaccine is the best thing since sliced bread" I am saying to imagine that we group up all of the things since sliced bread, including computers and characters on Grey's anatomy, and then I am saying, Polio Vaccine is the best one of those things.

So, it can't be that Computers and Polio Vaccine are both the best thing since sliced bread.
Oct. 13th, 2006 03:33 pm (UTC)
That's what I thought...which is silly...because I still think that a polio vaccine, computers, cars, airplanes, and Grey's Anatomy (maybe not so much that one...) are ALL better than sliced bread.

So maybe the saying should be less definite. Instead of "that's the best thing since sliced bread!" we should say "that's better than sliced bread!" It loses a little something, but opens the door for a whole realm of materials that are better than sliced bread.
Oct. 13th, 2006 04:14 pm (UTC)
That's perfectly fine, though. Look, imagine we only have the following things: sliced bread, computers, polio vaccine, and Grey's Anatomy. And they were discovered/created in that order.

If you say Polio Vaccine is the best thing since sliced bread, you take all the things since sliced bread (which is everything except the sliced bread) and say that Polio vaccine is better than each of those. You haven't actually said anything about whether Polio vaccine is better than sliced bread or not.

Presumably, if you thought sliced bread was pretty great, you'd want to say "since sliced bread" because you thought sliced bread was better, but the phrase doesn't actually say it.

It's like when someone who isn't a huge fan of the Rolling Stones says says, "I don't dislike the stones." That sentence would be true if said by anyone who doesn't dislike the rolling stones, from people who don't think about them at all to people who are neutral on them, and including their biggest fans.

But, their biggest fans are usually willing to go a lot further than saying they don't dislike the stones, they will say that they like them a lot.

So if you ask someone "do you like the rolling stones" and they reply, "I don't dislike them" you can sort of gather that they aren't a huge fan. But they didn't say that they weren't.

Similarly, someone who says, "Grey's anatomy is the best thing since sliced bread" is strongly implying that they think sliced bread is pretty tremendous, but what they said could be true even if sliced bread is the worst thing ever.

The reason, I would imagine, that we stick with sliced bread in the example is that if you call livejournal, say, the best thing since computers, it leaves open whether or not you think livejournal is better than the stuff that came before computers.
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