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Take off both your shoes and clothes, I'll follow...

So I'm just now watching "Studio 60" from Monday.

After my disappointment in last week's episode, I was hesitant about settling in to be disappointed again. So perhaps it was my lower standards, or perhaps it was just dumb luck...or perhaps the show was just better this week...but it's rockin'.

Last week (either in journal or on the phone with Zoe, I don't remember), I mentioned that the stakes needed to be higher. That I wasn't caring enough about the situations. I like the Matt/Harriet dynamic, but as far as Ricky and Ron not getting to write, I wasn't feeling it. I thought it made for good conflict, but I didn't feel passionate about the issue. Jordan McDeare and her personal problems with her ex-husband wasn't working me into a tizzy, and that didn't even seem to make for good conflict.

But this week, they hit it. The stakes are high enough and the conflicts compelling enough to make you want to watch. Plus there was enough entertaining banter (though there could be MUCH hear me, Aaron Sorkin???) to make me giggle.

So yes. It's not there yet, but it's making leaps and bounds.

That, or I need to keep my expectations low.

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