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I just received the following in an email from my internet provider:

The flooding issue at our datacenter downtown, which subsequently feeds all of our Central Florida netowrks, has substantially been taken care of.

Now, obviously the most glaring error is the preposition at the end of the sentence, which could have easily been remedied by saying "We have taken care of the flooding issue..." but what actually irks me is the use of "substantially." I don't think it's possible to "substantially take care of" something. The problem was substantial, yes (internet outages) and the flooding was apparently substantial (it affected multiple floors of a building), but I'm pretty sure you can "take care of" something "substantially."

While many Americans wrestle with the complexities of the English language (if you try hard enough, I'm sure you can blame the French for this too...), but it seems that in Florida, we have been given a particularly bad rap.

[By saying "we" I suppose I implicate myself with Floridians, and while I don't believe I am a Floridian, my driver's license and voter registration card say I belong to this...adequate state. Trust me, it's far from "great."]

But seriously. First of all, there's a Bush in charge here. Granted, I will admit that he is loads better than George, he's still a Bush. Second, we have Katherine Harris, who in completely inept (as noted in the 2000 election scandal and later in the Terry Schivo case), and running for Senate this November, after being encouraged drop out. Bitch just won't stay down. Sad part is? She might win.

And now, we have Mark Foley and his online sexual molestation of a 16 year old boy. A page, no less, from the House of Representatives.

Add to all of that an abysmal education system with famously low test scores (it's funded largely by the Florida Lottery, I kid you not), horrifyingly bad drivers, a lot of old people who can't live on their Social Security checks and are forced to work at Wal-Mart, and you've got a pretty crappy place to live.

Will this state ever get back it's dignity?

I think "no." But at least we have Disney World.

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