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Your Linguistic Profile:
70% General American English
15% Upper Midwestern
10% Yankee
0% Dixie
0% Midwestern

Well, I'm definitely a Northerner. Which just makes it all the more obvious that I do not, in fact, belong in Florida. See, Florida is deceptively non-Southern. In fact, most of the state is non-native, and many northerners vacation or live here. However, many, many more of the non-native Floridians are instead from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

Anyway, the other point of interest in this poll is my belief that Chicago is the midwest, versus the "upper midwest." (**) Not that I'm opposed to being considered "upper midwest," rather, I assume that anything south of Chicago is not the midwest, but the south, and therefore, Chicago is regular midwest and everything north of Madison is probably upper midwest.

Also, I am horrendously prejudice against southerners, hicks, ill-educated people, people who speak with drawls, and uber-conservative Christians...and I usually clump those all together and call them "Southerners."

I am a terrible person. (Read: I am very liberal.)

**By the way, I should probably get a few bonus points in that I say "soda" rather than "pop" (despite the midwest trend) BECAUSE I have such a hard A sound, that my friends used to make fun of the way I said pop. I stopped using the word "pop" and switched to "soda" because I was made fun of by others who also speak with a hard, nasal A sound. Same goes for the word "font." AHHH. Really hard A sound. So now, I say "soda" and "text" or "type-set," though I generally just try to avoid the words entirely. Friends can be so cruel.

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