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Okay, so this is going to be another post about how much I love Aaron Sorkin.

But this time, I thought it would be appropriate to add Thomas Schlamme. Because he is obviously the Danny to Aaron's Matt. Or the Matt to Aaron's Danny, depending on whether you want to categorize them by job or by past drug use. (We could also relate it to the Dan/Casey or the Josh/Sam relationship...because they are all similar in the best of ways. I can only hope that they are actually such good friends.) I've started watching "Sports Night" and it took a while to get into it. The sitcom feel threw me off a bit, as did the laugh track. Weird like whoa, with the fake laughing. But after the first 5-ish episodes, I've really gotten into it. The best part is...I'm only on episode 14, so I have 31 more to go! And all four of the next discs should be in my apartment mail box as of this I'll get them tomorrow and be able to copy and burn them!!!!!

Things Aaron Sorkin is amazing at:
- "buddy" relationships
- strong female characters
- witty repartee
- dry humor
- liberal bias

Felicity Huffman rocks my socks.

Casey: Is it "nature's special time"?
Dana: Oh, you know what? Bite me so hard for that.
(Mmm...sexual tension and witty repartee!)

So far, Janel Maloney and Lisa Edelstein have been guest stars, which is sweet.

Anyway...backtracking to the laugh track comment. I have a theory. (I know...another one of my crazy theories.) When watching sitcoms on TV, I find that I can easily disregard laugh tracks as natural. Like watching a movie in a cinema setting, you except audience noise and reactions. But when I watch a TV show on DVD...the laugh track really throws me off and seems out of place, even in shows like "Friends" where I am very used to having the prerecorded, semi-artificial laughs, it seems odd. Like the laughs should only be there when being played on network television, same as commercials. Or in movie theaters, you expect to hear people laughing. But alone, in my room, watching "Sports Night" or any DVD...there shouldn't be auxiliary noise.

But back to the point...I recommend "Sports Night" for those who enjoy a more subtle humor, Felicity Huffman, or those who are already fans of the dynamic duo of Sorkin and Schlamme.

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