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Oh, CSI.

You are so good.

So good.

I'm still entirely confused about the murder in miniature. That last image didn't help me figure it out at all. I guess we can consider next week part 3?

I bitched last week about how the suicide was too easy. Why didn't I go one step further and figure that it wasn't over yet? That there would be more?? Gah, I'm out of practice. I used to watch enough CSI and other various detective shows...I would have picked up on the unresolvedness.

Gil needs to get the beard back. I hate it when he's clean shaven. Too round and squishy. He needs the angles that the beard gives.

And seriously? I'm going to explode if I don't get some Gil/Sara action...something more than a knowing glance.

[Oh, and Grey's was good tonight, too. Bailey was a little more unhinged that usual, but it made sense. And oh god...Mark at the end made me so happy. Amicable split, I think. Derek and Addison can retain a healthy, professional relationship now. And the dating killed me dead. How does she get McDreamy and McVet? (I'm still pulling for Derek, though. Hopeless romantic...or something...which is why the exchange with Chief Webber was so good! "Meredith, she's...she's not an affair." Perfect!)]

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