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So I watched "Men in Trees" tonight with my mom...she likes it a lot. It's very "Northern Exposure", to an insane degree.

Notable exceptions: No Rob Morrow or John Corbett.

And I have had a very poor relationship (actor-viewer) with Anne Heche since she went crazy 5 or 6 years ago. I'm trying to get her back on my good side though...I still enjoy Six Days, Seven Nights so very much. I think I liked her better as a lesbian.

Speaking of Rob Morrow...I'm watching "Numb3rs," which rocks. Although Lou Diamond Phillips can take his guest appearance and shove it. It better not become a regular occurrence. And earlier, I was watching 10 Things on Oxygen (David Krumholtz being the connection there). Kevin Bacon game is that? Everything relates and is interconnected, I suppose.

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