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'Cause tonight's the night the world begins again...

TV update:

- Tried watching "Smith" (with Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen). After 20 minutes, I was bored out of my mind and I deleted the episode without finishing it.

- Then I watched "Bones" and after 16 minutes, thought I had solved the case. But I hadn't and it evolved and was engaging and awesome, as usual. It reinforced the fact that "Smith" sucked ass.

- "The Office" made me laugh often. Jim needs to get back to Pam! But the Ed Helms appearance was stellar. And anything gay is good in my book.

- The season premiere of "Grey's" rocked my socks, and I cried (because I'm a sap) and was utterly overjoyed. Because I've been rooting for Derek and Meredith for the past season and I always knew it felt wrong with Addison and even after I got over my blatant hatred of her, I still didn't want to see her and Derek together. Maybe, this one time, the world really did come down on the side of the dirty mistress.

- "Six Degrees" has been long-ish, character-heavy, but none that I feel attached to. I keep waiting for something interesting to happen, and I'm not seeing it. Though I like the British guy. And Hope Davis is so good...I want to see more of her. The other 75 people in the cast are forgettable.

- However, "Shark," which airs at the same time (thank god for dual-tuner TiVo) was pretty good. Semi-typical lawyer show, but James Woods is sweet and I'm excited for the direction it's going in. Very "House" with the veteran and his interns type of feel.

- Oh, "CSI..." Cirque de Soleil, John Mayer, undertones of Gil/Sara, and amazingness. But, oh god, Catherine! I need to give her a hug!! And scenes from next week are looking INTENSE! It's too early in the season for this!

[Though if we're being completely honest, the Cirque case seemed extremely unresolved, and the suicide? Seemed too easy. And I don't know if the first two episodes should really be "part 1" and "part 2"...they could have held off on the miniature room for next episode and left the cliffhanger exclusively as Catherine, to be resolved next episode. They could have more clearly delineated the episodes (I assume...having not seen the "second half" yet). However, I am hoping for some quality "Warrick coming to Catherine's rescue as her knight in shining armor," 'cause let's face it...Warrick/Catherine has been building for at least a season and a half...despite the fact that the fool got married. Whatever.]

Dammit...I have a Grey's and</a> a CSI icon. Now which do I use on Thursdays?

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