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  • Mood: it "if you're a man over 35, please flirt with me" day and I missed the memo?

First, the guy at the ticket counter called me "sweetie" three times. And not in a cute, "oh, you're gay so you call people 'sweetie'" way. It was more the "if you were 65 instead of 35, you'd be calling me 'toots'" way. In all fairness, he could have been 32.

Second, the guy who left Trust the Man before me, and was still loitering around when I got out of the bathroom. He attempted to make small talk, but was creepy and 50-ish, so I answered quickly, politely and moved on.

Third, I was at the concessions and the guy behind me made some sort of joke about money, and it didn't really seem funny to me, but he jestingly said "that's where you're supposed to laugh." He wished me a good movie when I left the counter. I'm actually surprised he didn't call me "toots," he was easily 65.

The fourth was actually the second guy AGAIN. 3 and a half hours later, we were both leaving a second movie. He recognized me, and unfortunately we were both walking to the parking lot, so I chatted politely. Learned that he sees 3-4 movies a week, his name is Jerry, and he asked me out for a cocktail. I was starting to panic he was going to follow me to my car, but I said "no thanks" and he left it at that.

My first thought to the repeating guy was "I'm glad this isn't my usual movie theater...the chances of running into him again are slim." The second thought was "If he were 20 years younger and not creepy, I might have said yes to the cocktail.

Another interesting note: the first guy was white, the second Latino, and the third black. Apparently, I can attract all types. And ages.


Despite all that, it's been a really good day.

First, I discovered a place on campus where I can pick up a free New York Times!!!

I read stories on:
- Bob Dylan stealing lyrics from a Confederate-era poet
- The reopening of Paris's Musee des Arts Decoratifs
- A review of the Interational Architechture Exhibition focused on population booms
- (ooo...organization)
- Bicycle sales in the Netherlands (they really like their bikes)
- A gay group trying to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the US military
- The failure of a minimum wage ordinance in Chicago (they wanted to raise to over $10/hr)
- Something about galaxies and the Big Bang...I didn't really get it
- The Education Department taking first year immigrant students out of the "no child left behind" standards (or as I like to call it "all children left behind")
- A review of Olympus Fall Fashion Week
- A story about a priest under investigation for child molestation
- The death of a guy involved in a suit to try to repeal a Texas sodomy law

And while I read all of those, I sat outside where it was a beautiful 85 degrees with a lovely breeze coming through.


Then this afternoon, I drove out to Winter Park (read: 35 minutes away) where I saw Trust the Man (with David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup, and Maggie Gyllenhaal). Then I had an hour to waste, so I chatted with Zoe and hung out at the Borders that's within walking distance of the Regal. Then I went back and saw Hollywoodland (you should all know that one).

Hollywoodland was darker than I expected, which was good. Adrien Brody rocked it. If you were thinking about seeing it, go ahead. If you weren't, you can wait for the rental or better...cable. Trust the Man was interesting. Not as depressing as most indie films dealing with relationships, so that was kinda a nice change. It was enjoyable, but had poor pacing.

So yes. Successful day!

Tomorrow, I have class from 12:30 until 1:20, but then I have plans to see The Last Kiss and The Black Dahlia. Hopefully, those I can hop I had to spend $14.50 on tickets (not to mention an additional $10.25 on Diet Cokes (one per movie) and Twizzlers...aka dinner). If I can get away with just $7, I'll be super psyched.

Saturday, I need to get to the Orlando Museum of Art for a Mesoamerican Art paper. Sunday, I might try to catch Pirates again. It's been a while...and it's almost out of theaters, so I need to get on it if I'm going to see it in that wonderful cinema atmosphere. Big screen, surround sound, mood lighting. God, it's intoxicating.

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